Fire Detection Systems & EWIS

Fire Detection Systems & EWIS

Fire Detection Systems & EWIS

Early Warning of a potential fire is essential in alerting occupants of a fire alarm and instigating emergency procedures and responses.

The implementation of an Automatic Fire Alarm System designed and integrated to cater for the specific environment can be achieved utilising the most advanced Smoke and Thermal technology available including:

  • Conventional Fire & Smoke Detection
  • Addressable Smoke & Thermal Detection
  • High Sensitivity Detection
  • Specialist Flame & IR Detection
  • Air Sampling Detectors

Combined Fire Systems will tailor an Automatic Fire Detection System to meet your specific requirements; Domestic, Commercial or Industrial in compliance with AS 1670

Combined Fire Systems designs, installs and commissions cost-effective Fire Detection Systems by firstly understanding your requirements and carefully analysing all potential fire risks giving due consideration to:

  • Building Construction Characteristics
  • Current and/or Proposed Building Use
  • Building Contents
  • Occupancy Levels
  • Access and Egress
  • General Fire Risk Characteristics

Once these considerations have been assessed the design, installation and commissioning of the Fire Detection Systems will occur utilising the latest and most appropriate fire detection technology, tailored to your specific fire and life safety requirements.

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